Thank You

We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the website:

Guerin Barry aka Tito Mamba for his endearing memories of Chico and the cool photos of the yo-yo..

Mal Gray for his contributions to the discography, photos, and providing information about Chico.

Emiliano for his research into the lead vocals that Chico did on Sha Na Na releases and the Sha Na Na discography of albums Chico participated on.

Johnny Contardo for providing photographs.

Doug Kupper for his valuable contributions and stories about Chico.

Danny McBride for writing a really good article about Rainface for us. Rest in peace Danny.

Cindy for acquiring photos, contacting people about the project, and spreading the word about the website.

The Web Slaves for all the hard work on the website and keeping it updated.

Len Cirelli for his contributions about Chico’s time in the The Rockin’ Ramrods.

Jesse Henderson for his valuable contributions about Puff, Rainface, and The Sha Na Na All-Stars.

Lennie Baker for his funny stories about Chico and insight into being a member of Sha Na Na.

Ann Marie and Patti Beth for their research on all the songs Chico sang lead on during the TV show and Emiliano for getting us that information.

Angela for doing so much research on Chico and tracking down the wonderful musicians who worked with him and were so helpful towards the website.

Sue Ryan for her blessing of the website and helpfulness. Also for the incredible photos she provided. Thank you Sue for sharing Chico with all of us. We hope you know how much we love and admire your husband. He will be in our hearts always.

Lita for her beautiful poems.

Jenne for helping us out with the website design.

Screamin’ Scott Simon for his stories about Chico.

John Paiva for his contributions.

Sha Na Na for getting us Chico’s endorsement information.

Al LoRusso for his wonderful photos and information.

Steve LoRusso for sending us Chico’s song “ShaNaNa Christmas” as well as “Dance”, “My Birthday Party”, and “I Can’t Be 50″.

Tinana for sending us the awesome photos.

Kass for more than she knows.

We couldn’t accomplish this without all of these wonderful people. The biggest credit goes out to David-Allen “Chico” Ryan for inspiring an entire generation of kids. One of our web slaves picked up a bass because of Chico! We love you and miss you Chico. Rest in peace.

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